Move Super Bowl to Saturday

The Super Bowl is unquestionably the pinnacle moment on America’s sports calendar. It is a spectacle of hard-hitting tackles and even harder-hitting capitalism, with multimillion dollar, 30-second television commercials and host cities reaping hundreds of millions in tourism dollars. As such it has become more than just a sports holiday, but an American holiday. But like most great traditions, is there a way to make the Super Bowl better? Yes! The National Football League should move the Super Bowl to Saturday. If the Super Bowl were played on Saturday, consider:

Super Bowl Parties

Super Bowl parties would become grander events, and party hosts would buy more food and beverages to accommodate a greater number of guests, thus benefiting grocery stores and other retailers.

Super Bowl Tv

With no work the next day, more non-sports fans would attend Super Bowl events and parties, and when more non-football fans watch, the networks gain more overall viewers, translating into their ability to charge more for advertising.

Desk Snooze

The Monday after the Super Bowl is cited as one of the least productive work days in the American work calendar as people have been up late watching the game and they spend much of that Monday talking about what happened during the Super Bowl – either on the field or the commercials.

Purists may argue it would be heretical to hold the Super Bowl on any day but Sunday, but it's hardly unprecedented to alter a sports tradition. Indeed, without question, the premiere showcase of America’s pastime would be well-served to move the entrenched tradition that is the Super Bowl to Saturday.

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